The goal of the Altered Sanctuary is to be a place where different, dark, and twisted are celebrated in a safe haven called home.  That’s the way our lives are today and that’s what we want to share with you, too.  We are a group of artistic, creative types who want to share our love for the unusual with you, the world.  Our focus is as diverse as it could be and it varies from day to day.  Among the many topics we might discuss here are the following: 
  – Feeding our bodies with healthy, whole (non-GMO) food along with wellness in general and Paleo recipes (yum!).
  – Homesteading and gardening in a pursuit for more of a self-sustaining lifestyle.
  – Recycle, reduce, and reuse – because it is more important today than ever before.
  – Adventures in home improvement (which might prove to be more of a comedy…).
  – Cool old cars and trucks because let’s face it:  who doesn’t love cool old cars and trucks?
  – Halloween…. that awesome holiday when we don’t have to buy presents and the parties are out of this world.
  – Plus whatever strikes our fancy at the time. 

For now we are internet-based only and one day in the near future we’ll add an e-commerce section to this website so we can share our creativeness with you.  Maybe, just maybe one day you might just find us in a brick and mortar setting, too… you never know.  Until then we will share our life adventures with you and give you a sampling of all the creativeness our twisted brains can come up with. All of the art you see here is “OOAK” which is one-of-a-kind and duplicity is best left for the huge lumbering machines, not us.   Be sure to follow us here and in your favorite social media.

Now for the disclaimer:  Since this is the Altered Sanctuary please keep in mind that this site may not be all “rainbows and unicorns” but we are real people with a passion for the dark and mysterious side of life.

We’re glad you’re here!

~Skelly Shelly and the Merry Band of Artisans