Succulent In The Sunshine

Sunday, March 22, 2015

This gorgeous little succulent is stunning in the sun. It’s all part of what makes Sunday morning coffee outside so enjoyable here at the Altered Sanctuary.

Yesterday was a big day as three of us moved over a ton and a half of bricks onto the property. It wasn’t so bad but my left bicep sure is sore today! This is all in preparation for making the backyard oasis that is part of the Grand Master Plan. Details will follow soon.

My Sunday morning ritual always starts with coffee outside. It gives me time to enjoy the cool morning, plan what I want to cook for the week, look at all my plants and gardens, and simply enjoy a good dose of sunshine while relaxing under the canopy. It is peaceful where I live but the squirrels drive the dogs crazy!

In an effort to grow food not grass, the herb garden I planted a few weeks ago has really started to take off. The basil is growing tall and the romaine is starting to really thicken up. Peppermint is starting to trendle over the brilliant blue pot it’s planted in. The celery that I have regrown from a previous stalk is at least 10 or 12 inches above ground now. A tomato plant started from seed now has flowers. The arugula, unfortunately, has started to flower so I pinched back all of the flower stems in hopes that I can get at least one good harvest from those plants. The lavender is starting to shoot toward the sky. The stevia has also started to grow tall and I can’t wait to try it in some cool drinks. The various parsley plants are all turning deep green and starting to show their beautiful leaves. Even the little sage plant is showing signs of growth. The onions have kind of hidden their new growth but there is still deep green growth down inside the mulch bed. The garden is right by the front door so there is easy accessibility and constant enjoyment. This is an area where normally people would put in decorative plants rather than productive plants but I decided to grow food not grass. Dappled sunshine from under the four Christmas palms is perfect for all of these tender plants. What a great story for this little garden!

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  • Janine

    I found one of my favorite spots at the Botanical Garden was the succulent garden. I never realized the variety there is in succulents! You have a beautiful garden. if I learn the one I recently purchased will grow from cuttings, I’ll bring you one.


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