I’d been there… I’d seen those adorable little fluffs and somehow I managed to walk away.  My 17 y/o son, however, melted in his shoes.  He haaaad to go home with these girls otherwise he would perish – or that’s the story he gave me anyway.  I was an easy sell, though… I admit – because I had fallen in love with them, too.

Parker and the girls - June 7, 2015Yep, that’s how it started.  My son came home on June 6th, 2015 with six little fuzzy chicks and promised to love them, and hold them, and take care of them, and he promised he wouldn’t call them Fred.  So far he’s done exactly what he promised and as an experienced animal keeper (he has four other full time pets in his bedroom alone in addition to these chicks plus he has eight pets plus a large fish tank throughout the house).  Yes, we’re animal lovers.  We love ’em all.  The chicken project, though, has been a great way for us to spend more time together during his last year of high school.  We had a wonderful relationship before this started and now it’s even better, if that’s possible.

Little did my son know that I had done this before.  About 15 years ago I had a thriving flock that brought me much joy, many eggs, and lots of generations.  We battled the typical predators like red fox, raccoons, snakes, hawks, and even the neighbor’s  pair of English boxers.  I had many and I had few but I kept on keeping on…. and then I divorced.  We sold the house and my flock went, too.  I loved those chickens and I really did miss them.

Chicken Run!Fast forward to now and low and behold my son has a passion for chickens just like I did.  We’ve built a substantial chicken run already and are getting ready to build the coop.  Plans are scribed here and there and we talk about it daily.  For now the ‘girls’ spend their days in the run and their nights in the very large tank in his bedroom.  He wakes up and takes them outside, checks on them many times during the day (like a nervous first time parent), and scoops them up after nightfall for safe sleeping inside until the coop is built.  He and I sketch coop plans at dinner and make runs to the hardware store to buy materials.  It’s been a labor of love and it’s brought us even closer together and that’s the best part of all.  That is, until there’s fresh eggs being produced!  just kidding, just kidding…


PS:  Can’t wait for those fresh cage-free delicious eggs and the poo-fertilizer for my glorious garden.  Happy homesteading!

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