Rat Rods & Cherry Bombs

There is something about a vehicle that has history that makes me happy.  To hear that engine purrrrrrr….. to see something that is unique and simply not like everything else on the road brings a huge kid-like smile to my face.  The recent resurgence of classic trucks and cars is a feast for my eyes and makes me warm and fuzzy all over!

Rat Rod at Speed Demons

Those thick whitewalls are not what you see today on any contemporary vehicle.  Design details like those on this rat rod are now considered “retro” and tell me again what those safety features are, please??  The cool old cars and tricked out trucks are an expression of love between the owner and the vehicle.  Someone wanted to keep that buggy alive and kickin’ and my hat is off to them.  I, for one, appreciate what you have done to restore that beauty and to see it sailin’ down the road along with all the sedans of sameness and boring SUVs makes the universe right, in my humble opinion.  Kudos to you and thank you for giving me something very interesting to see and hear on the road again.

You know it’s a great day when you leave work and while headed down the western road with the blinding sun in your eyes and all of a sudden you see the gem in this photo at a cool car shop called Speed Demons.  I had to stop, turn around, and drool all over this beauty.  Seeing it made me sooooo happy and I think I heard the engine purr that night in my dreams.  Cars like this aren’t perfect, by any means, but they sure do make this girl smile!

(total side note:  seeing this cherry bomb makes me wish the car in the photo with my Gram was still around…)

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