Not for the kiddies

It’s been countless times that I’ve gone to the hardware store and not seen something interesting but today is most certainly the exception.  How cool is it that when I pulled in to the parking lot there was this bitchin’ bike just sitting there begging to be admired?  I love this bike!  The military flair and the super awesome spokes on the wheels are fantastic.  Check out that spare tire on this bad boy!  How many motorcycles have their own spare tire on the back end?  Well, this one does!  Such a sweet ride…. I do wish I was able to hear that motor chu-chu-chu-chugging down the road, though.  I’m sure it sounds as good as it looks.  Even though this is most likely a reproduction, it looks freakin’ cool and it is most definitely worthy of having a blog spot here at the Altered Sanctuary.  

Here ya go…. take another long gaze at this three-wheeler that’s not meant for your kids.   Enjoy!!

Bitchin' Bike

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