No GMO’s? Thanks, Chipotle!

Who doesn’t love delicious food?  Better yet:  who doesn’t love delicious, non-GMO food? 

Thank you Chipotle restaurants for ‘getting it’.  Your consumers more than appreciate it!

As a bit of a foodie, I’m always on the lookout for healthy, delicious, nutritious, whole food (kinda goes along with the whole Paleo thing I’ve been doing for over two years now) and someone told me the Chipotle restaurant chain had improved the quality of the food on their menu by going 100% non-GMO.  What?!?!?  A big chain restaurant that understands that people don’t want to eat glyphosate (aka weed killer like Round Up)?  Really??  According to this article on regarding the carcinogenic substance that’s been liberally sprayed on our fruits and veggies for years now: 

On April 30, the U.S. Department of Agriculture released a new report concluding that the acreage of weeds resistant to the toxic weed killer glyphosate is on the rise. The World Health Organization has classified glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic to humans.”

Hmmm.  I don’t want cancer… do you?  I also don’t want my food sprayed with this stuff, either.  Thanks, but… um…. no.

Many people simply don’t care what they eat or how their food has been modified for their consumption.  I promise:  I am not a person who will stand on her soapbox and preach to you about what I believe in until you believe in it, too.  Many people DO care what they eat and how their food came to be and for those of us who care, Chipotle just became a quick-service restaurant option for us.  Let’s face it, the healthiest way you can eat is by preparing your food at home.  If you can afford the grass fed, organic, cage free, free range options, great!  If you can’t afford those labels, choose what’s most important to you and make the change when you can.  Until the government requires the labeling of GMO’s the one thing I always try to find on every label is the “NON GMO Project Verified” box so that I know I’m not getting a side of cancer-causing weed killer with my food.  In my opinion my food tastes much better without it anyway.

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