Life Hack: No More Shiny Face

Here’s a simple and cheap, down and dirty way to stop the natural oils on your face from turning your skin (and makeup) into a shiny oil slick.  This life hack is for those of us who have oily skin so if your skin is dry or normal, don’t try this hack!  Also, do not use what I am about to tell you on your lips or around your eyes.  Trust me on this… your lips will dry out and feel very much like they are chapped and the skin around your eyes needs to have all the natural oils possible to slow down and minimize those small lines that develop with time.  Bottom line:  do not apply this secret ingredient to your lips or to the areas around your eyes. 

Ok… on a clean face and with a cotton ball liberally apply Milk of Magnesia to your face.  Whaaaat?  Am I serious??  Absolutely!  I have to tell you that I have battled my own oil slick for years and I’ve tried a wide range of products to lessen or stop the oily shine on my face and NOTHING has ever worked as well as M.O.M.  I also can tell you that the amount of acne and blackheads has also reduced greatly and I attribute that largely to M.O.M.  I’m telling you…. for less than $5 you can have your own personal bottle of Milk of Magnesia (yes, that stuff your grandmother gave you when you had a problem going “#2”) which will last you quite a long time (around a year or so??).  After I put the M.O.M. on and it has dried it will turn a bit milky-white.  After it’s dried I apply my favorite BB Cream or moisturizer right on top of the M.O.M. and apply the rest of my makeup as usual.  Yes ladies, those of us with oily skin need moisturizers. 

It’s fast.  It’s easy.  It’s cheap!  Best of all, it really works!!  Winner, winner, chicken dinner!


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