Cell Phone In My Bra

It’s a terrible thing to admit but for years I carried my cell phone in my bra.  Bad, bad girl…. I know.   No longer do I put my phone in my bra and the following story is why.

In February I attended the Health Freedom Summit 2015 hosted by Food & Thought, a local health food and grocery store along with a very dear friend of mine who is very connected to health and wellness. The weekend-long event featured several speakers on many different subjects in the area of ecological and health-related issues and so much more.  Some classes my friend and I attended together and some separately but for this specific class, “Toxic Body Burden and Chemical Sensitivities” by Deborah J. Post, MSN, ARNP, we sat side by side listening to this informative and entertaining speaker.  As we sat and learned how our bodies are bombarded by toxins from both our food and environment on a constant basis, I realized how intense the assault really was.  One great example the instructor Deb Post used was bottled water vs. tap water.  She asked the attendees how many drink bottled water and everyone raised their hand.  She then asked how many drank tap water.  This time, only a couple of us (two or three) raised our hands.  She went on to explain that while we are trying to drink water that has been filtered to remove many toxins we have to remember that every time we take a shower our skin absorbs the tap water, too.  That isn’t something you think about every time you shower, is it?

She also brought up the subject of cell phones and she cautioned men to take them out of their pants pockets.  She remarked that as a nurse, she’s seen too many cases of low sperm count, or worse, often related to the subject carrying his phone in his pants pocket.  Just then my friend touched my arm and she whispered this to me:  “You know the breast cancer that I had?  The cancer was right where I carried my cell phone for years.”  I might never know if she knew my phone was in my bra but at that moment I reached in and took my cell phone out of my bra for good.  It’s never been there or anywhere on my body since.

Now that’s food for thought, isn’t it?

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  • Janine

    I am delighted that my comment inspired you to do something that might have saved you from experiencing an illness like cancer. We will never know for sure, but I’m glad you don’t carry it there any more! Love you.


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