Grass-fed burgers

Our adventures on Saturday led us to lunch at a place we’ve never eaten before:  BURGERFI.  If you haven’t had the pleasure to eat there yet, do so soon.  It’s THAT good!

First off the atmosphere is totally cool and trendy.  The floors are bare concrete, the fan in the center of the room was ENORMOUS but completely energy efficient.  Tables and chairs are all made out of recycled materials and the even the light fixtures (huge industrial ice tongs with old-style bulbs suspended from steel beams) were cool.  The place was fresh, young, hip, and cool and they earned a thumbs up.

On to the food…. at first glance the menu seemed a bit pricey.  I’ll admit:  I hadn’t heard of BURGERFI so I had no clue who they were or what they stood for so I was looking simply at the prices based on my assumption that this was ‘just another burger joint’.  Wrong!!  Grass fed beef!  Their burgers are grass fed beef!  As a regular menu option I could order my burger sans bun with hand-cut lettuce as its replacement (gluten intolerance).  Really?  This place gets it!  Then the food came….

BURGERFI meal  You can immediately tell which burger was mine, right?  Look at those fries… they are better than they look (and much better than Five Guys fries).  Fresh cut, lightly salted, and cooked perfectly, they were delicious (we ate every last one of them, btw).  Totally delicious and, as I found out later reading their website, cooked in peanut oil, not canola or some other soy-based oil.  Very, very tasty.

The burgers really were delicious.  Cooked perfectly, fresh ingredients, and cool presentation all add up to great burger and then you add the fact that this is grass fed beef and our rating went over the top!  Awesome, awesome, awesome. 

BurgThen there was the decadent last minute add-on: the onion rings.  Omg….  Simply delicious.  These were not greasy or overcooked… they were fresh and certainly tasty.  For my personal preference there was a too much batter for my liking but that’s just me.  This dish ended up almost completely empty… almost because there was so much food for the three of us that we simply couldn’t finish it all.  My son loved the onion rings but we preferred the fries…. all of it was good though.  Jussayin’.

Once I came home I went to the website and read more about this company and their philosophy and I gotta say, I love their concept.  They also offer vegiburger options so everyone has a choice.  From ceiling to floor I love it all.  Grass fed beef, recycled and reclaimed materials, no microwaves, no freezers, and no heat lamps… this is really good food and the price is worth it.  If you have the chance stop by and give them a try. 


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